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Pakhomova and Gorshkov

Competitive Career

1st 1967 Blue Swords
10th 1967 European Championships
13th 1967 World Championships
1st 1968 Blue Swords
5th 1968 European Championships
6th 1968 World Championships
1st 1969 Blue Swords
3rd 1969 European Championships
2nd 1969 World Championships
1st 1970 European Championships
1st 1970 World Championships
1st 1971 European Championships
1st 1971 World Championships
2nd 1972 European Championships
1st 1972 World Championships
1st 1973 European Championships
1st 1973 World Championships
1st 1974 European Championships
1st 1974 World Championships
1st 1975 European Championships
1st 1976 European Championships
1st 1976 Olympic Games
1st 1976 World Championships

Non-Competitive Career

Lyudmila and Alekandr were married in 1970

Pakhomova died of cancer in 1986

Admitted into World Figure Skating Hall of Fame in 1988

Gorshkov has been a high-ranking ISU official for several years, and is currently chairperson of the Ice Dance Technical Committee.

Gorshkov was recently involved with a judging controversy from the 1999 World Championships Ice Dance competition. He was referee for the competition, and it is said that the Chinese judge changed his vote from the French team to the Russian team after talking to Gorshkov.