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Vladimir Kotin

Vladimir was coached by Elena Chaikovskaya throughout his competitive career. He has recently joined her as one of her assistants, with students such as Julia Soldatova. He is the guy seen with Chaikovskaya in the kiss and cry while Butyrskaya or Soldatova is waiting for her scores. He has also been doing some choreography. He retired from amateur competition following 1988 Olympics and most recently toured with the Russian Ice Stars in "Phantom of the Opera on Ice." During his amateur career he was often on the verge, but never captured a major title or World or Olympic medal. He was in the top 10 at Worlds six times, in the top five three of those. His biggest accomplishments were silver medals in four consecutive years at Europeans.

Competitive Career

2nd 1978 Junior Worlds
6th 1981 European Championships
9th 1981 World Championships
7th 1982 European Championships
11th 1982 World Championships
5th 1983 European Championships
9th 1983 World Championships
6th 1984 European Championships
8th 1984 Olympic Games
8th 1984 World Championships
2nd 1985 European Championships
5th 1985 World Championships
2nd 1986 European Championships
4th 1986 World Championships
2nd 1987 European Championships
4th 1987 World Championships
2nd 1988 European Championships
6th 1988 Olympic Games