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Elena Chaikovskaya Corner
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Elena Chaikovskaya Corner exists as a reference point on Chaikovskaya's pupils and Former Soviet Union figure skating in general. Each site is updated frequently. This main site is updated weekly.

Webmaster's Other Sites:

The Skating Site Directory
A website in which a panel of judges rank all the websites for each skater. Current reviews include Ilia Kulik, Katia Gordeeva, and Naomi Nari Nam. A new set of reviews is added each week.

Semenovich & Kostomarov Online
Fan site for the Russian Ice Dance couple, including information on their former partners as well.

Soon to come: fan pages on Brian Boitano, Silverstein & Pekarek, Petrova & Tikhonov, and Michael Shmerkin. Also soon to come--resource pages on various Former Soviet Union skaters, including Ilia Kulik.

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Elena Chaikovskaya Corner
Maria Butyrskaya: Russia's Ice Queen
Maria Butyrskaya: Russia's Ice Queen

Website for the 1999 World Champion. Maria is known for her tenacity and maturity. She is proud to be a woman in a sport of girls.

The Unofficial Drobiasko & Vanagas Homepage
Margarita and Povilas have become one of the most popular ice dance couples with their passionate style.
The Unofficial Drobiasko & Vanagas Homepage

Julia Soldatova
Julia Soldatova Fan Page
Julia Lautowa Fan Page
Julia Lautowa Fan Page

Potdykova & Petukhov
Kristina Oblasova
Kristina Oblasova
Linichuk & Karposanov
Pakhamova & Gorshkov

Viktor Kotin Viktor
Elena Chaikovskaya Elena's
Tatiana Tarasova Tatiana

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