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Linnichuk and Karposonov

Competitive History

3rd 1974 European Championships
3rd 1974 World Championships
3rd 1975 European Championships
4th 1975 World Championships
3rd 1976 European Championships
4th 1976 Olympic Games
5th 1976 World Championships
3rd 1977 European Championships
3rd 1977 World Championships
2nd 1978 European Championships
1st 1978 World Championships
1st 1979 European Championships
1st 1979 World Championships
1st 1980 European Championships
1st 1980 Olympic Games
2nd 1980 World Championships
3rd 1981 European Championships


Currently these two work as a coaching team in Newark, Delaware, also doing choreography work. Linichuk is often recognized as the main part of this coaching partnership.

Famous former and current students include Grishuk and Platov, Krylova and Ovsiannikov, Oksana Baiul, Klimova and Ponomerenko, Lobatcheva and Averbukh, Grushina and Goncharov, Semenovich and Kostomarov, and Chait and Sakhnovsky. There are also many skaters that these two have choreographed for.