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Tatiana Navka & Roman Kostomarov

Tatiana and Roman were only together for one season, but did have some good results. They placed third in their first competition together, the Cup of Russia, beating Polish champions Nowak & Kolasinski and US champions Lang & Tchernyshev. They were able to hold off Anna Semenovich and her partner Vladimir Fedukhov for the bronze at Russian Nationals, sending them to Europeans and Worlds. However, coach Natalya Linichuk decided to pair Roman with competitor Anna Semenovich, thinking they would be better suited for eachother. Navka formerly competed for Ukraine with Nikolai Morozov (winning 1997 Vienna Cup) and Samuel Gezalian (they placed second in 1994 NHK, beating Anissina & Peizerat, Drobiasko & Vanagas, and Lobatcheva & Averbukh).
Photo copyrighted by Eda Tseinyev
Tatiana and Roman

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