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Yekaterina Davydova & Roman Kostomarov

Yekaterina Davydova showed a lot of potential with Roman. In 1996 they became Junior World champions. In 1997 they won the bronze medal in Russian Nationals. They following season they won silver medals in both the Vienna Cup and Finlandia Trophy. However, they pulled out of Nationals and broke up soon afterwards. He moved from Oleg Epstein and Davydova to Natalya Linichuk and Tatiana Navka. She was to skate with Nicolai Morozov, who incidentally was displaced by Kostomarov in his new partnership with Navka, but this partnership also did not work out.

Tatiana Navka Vladimir Fedorov Ekaterina Davydova Sergei Samohin Maxim Kachanov
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