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Laura Reynolds
Honours 122-003
Professor Davis
30 April 2000

This critical review took on the form of an online journal. Considering that, I in turn considered which type of reviews would be the most useful, or rather, which movies would be the most likely to gain an audience for my website. Considering my poverty and the fact that I often see off-beat "artsy" or foreign films, I chose a film that had recently come out on video, Three Kings.

Having chosen this, I had to add in several elements. The most attractive websites would include interactive features such as links, photos, and video clips, which I scoured the Internet for. This would be more likely to catch the eye of the average websurfer than a plain text page. I also decided that the review, since it is also of a more mainstream movie, should have an exoteric rather than esoteric tone. This is perhaps a bit of a risk grade-wise, but I felt that knowing how to write for a more general audience is as important as learning to write for a professor or expert, if not more so.

I then decided to actually go all out and actually put the review online. This has caused many problems considering that the review was originally birthed in Word. I have discovered that this is not a good way to compose a website, especially one with intended double-spaced text (this actually caused the biggest transfer problem). However, I have finally gotten the review fully running for your grading pleasure.

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(nb--I have also spent many hours attempting to make this review printable. It may not fully agree with the printer, and it is intended to be viewed online, naturally, but should hopefully be not too badly damaged if put into hard copy form. However, beware that printing may distort some of the sentences and photos. This text is best viewed on a 600X480 monitor, since this is the best way in which the text can be printed off.)